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This board let you control servos and actuators in professional, reliable manner with your own code. Read input signals and send commands through the proven and easy to use UART protocol. The best way to bring your creation to life. Integrated features:

  • Two-wire connection to Raspberry-Pi, Arduino and many others
  • On-board memory to store default states.
  • Massive 5V rail, straight from the BEC to the servos. Isolate your precious electronics from current peaks and the module handle the hard work.
  • Input/Output range 700-2300μs as proportional signal.

Technical specifications

Supply Voltage (Ub): 5-8V
Power consumption: Standby current approx. 20 mA
Proportional inputs: 4 inputs (X1-X5)
• PWM (700 - 2300 us)
Servo outputs: 4 outputs (X12-X15)
• PWM (700 - 2300 us)
• Servo pulse 50Hz (20 ms) and 100Hz (10 ms)
• Latched outputs (maintain PWM if not changed)
Additional ports: BEC 5-8V power input (X0)
Protection features:• Short circuit protection over BEC
• Failsafe for proportional inputs (1500us)
CPU: 32Mhz Harvard architecture
Operating temperature range: 0 – 60° C
Maximal relative air humidity: Max. 85 %
Dimensions: 56 x 48 x 13 mm


The module works in a range from 5 V to 8 V. The idle current consumption is around 20mA.

The module can be powered via ports X1-X5, X12-X15 and the X0 port (BEC).

Usually, the current provided by an ESC should be sufficient. Passing the current through the receiver is at your own risk. There is a risk of current peaks burning out the receiver, especially older ones!

For the power supply, preferably use a 4-5A BEC, which is connected to port X0. The module has a dedicated 5V rail to handle those spikes.

Serial Port X7

This modules features a serial port which is used to control it. The port is set with the following parameters:

  • 3 and 5 Volt Logic
  • 115200 Baud, 8 Databits, 1 Stopbit, no parity
  • Data can be send and received simultaneously