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LRC - Cargobike controller NEW

SKU: 1502


Universal cargobike controller suited for chainless electric transmissions.

  • Supports Quadrature "2-wire" PAS sensors.
  • Fine tuned analog circuitry. 2x 0-5 volt outputs.
  • Opto Isolated I/O ports and power supply. The CPU remains protected from spikes up to 5000 volts.
  • Designed to work in electromagnetically noisy environments.
  • Support for shunts to measure current flow in real time.
  • Support for customer-tailored addon cards. Easily expand the functionality of the cargobike
  • Optional 4G & GPS telemetry module
  • Easily adaptable to local regulatory requirements.
  • Multiple Hardware and Firmware level failsafe mechanisms.
  • Certified WAGO connectors. Easy wiring, vibration resistant.
  • MODBUS compliant configuration interface

This product is not an independently functional unit and DOES REQUIRE professional installation and configuration.

Regulatory compliance to be performed by the OEM

We do cover, under the warranty, only hardware issues.

* The appearance and design of the board are subject to changes. The functionality and size always remain unchanged.

Manufactured on request
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