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CLIM - VSP Ring limiter



The main purpose of a ring limiter is to protect Voith-Schneider Propellers and their servos/actuators. In addition to this the CLIM (C-Limiter, C like the programming language that’s used to power it) also integrates some useful extras:

  • Easy configuration, no software required
  • Precise VSP center adjustment
  • Custom ring radius adjustment
  • Mapping of the radio stick radius to the ring radius (allows a more precise control of the vessel)
  • Radio brand/function agnostic, get the full VSP experience with a basic Radio transmitter (min. 5 invertible channels required)

This product is not an independently functional unit and may require professional installation and configuration.

It may be necessary to invert channels on the Transmitter

* The appearance and design of the board are subject to changes. The functionality and size always remain unchanged.

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VSP wiring distribution board SKU: ACC301

A distribution board to be placed in proximity of the propellers, enables easier handling, installation and maintainance of the wiring.


3D Printed cover (print with Resin SLA or better) Download